Break the trance of emotional abuse 

An emotional abuser can be someone you are intimately involved with such as a significant other. A family member such as a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin. Or even a friend or co worker.

An emotional abuser does not have a specific age, gender, skin color, occupation, education, or income level.

They can simply be anyone who has experienced some form of trauma in their childhood that caused a part of themselves to disassociate and create a false self.

That “false self” is the person that you encounter in your interaction with them. The person who is so warm, kind, and caring. The fun person who makes you laugh and makes you feel good. But also the person who inflicts intense pain and chaos into your life.

The realization that the behaviors you have been experiencing are that of emotional abuse comes with a state of shock and disbelief. You start to question each and every interaction you have had with your abuser while trying to comprehend what was real from fake.

Breaking away from any type of emotionally abusive relationship can be compared to stepping off of a battlefield— stumbling over to the sideline and being able to clearly see the trauma you have been experiencing.

This is why deep healing is required.

Emotional abuse can enter your life from many different directions.

You are connected to someone who displays violent outburst, followed by a "honeymoon period" of remorse, attention, affection, and generosity.

You find yourself confused by the painful behaviors of the person you are connected to.

You keep thinking that the loyalty and love you show them will make them appreciate you and change their behaviors.

You find yourself with the urge to break away, but you always think,“Maybe this time it will be different.”

You feel it’s too difficult to leave because you’ve become dependent upon them and can't stop yourself from continuously putting up with unacceptable behaviors. Plus, they beg for you to come back every time.

You feel that nobody understands what you’ve been through.

After everything that your abuser has done, you still love them and want them in your life.

this course is for you if...

Help guide and inspire you to connect with a higher sense of purpose after emotional abuse.

Make you aware of your power. Your mind and heart are two of the most powerful parts of your body. With a mind equipped with wisdom and positive expectancy, and a heart that is fully healed and open, you will begin to see your dreams unfold right before your eyes. 
Positively change your life. This course incorporates learning to use energy from the universe, your heart, your mind, and natural resources from the earth to deliver a unique and guaranteed positive life changing experience to transform your life! 

This course was created to...

* Show you how to use your pain to evolve.

* Transform your life and bring you to a place of ultimate healing.

* Give you the tools you need to create your dream life.

This course will:

What is emotionally abusive behavior and why you’ve had such a hard time letting go of your abuser.

Why recovering from an emotionally abusive relationship isn’t something that you just “get over” and how to best cherish yourself during the healing process.

How to remove the temptation of going back to your abuser when they are “being nice."

How to strengthen your intuition, eliminate anxiety, and rebuild your confidence.

How to use your experience of being emotionally abused to make you a better person and significantly improve your life.

Spiritual development techniques to create space in your life for deep healing and major life transformation.

In this course you'll learn...

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one payment of

What you will learn in this lesson:

* The power of how you speak to yourself and how to positively shift your thoughts immediately

* The importance of mantras and how to develop a mantra practice for healing and manifesting

* How to work with the power of crystals to heal and transform your life

* How to create a sacred space that will help you to manifest your dreams

Glow up! --#drip

part four

What you will learn in this lesson:

* The easiest way to boost your healing journey

* How to speed up your healing process

* How to nurture yourself and rebuild your spirit from the inside out

Reboot, Reset, Reprogram--#deactivation

part three

What you will learn in this lesson:

* How your brain processes emotional abuse

* Why you stayed/kept going back to your abuser?

“Bonded to chaos”--#mind control

part two

What you will learn in this lesson:

* What is emotional abuse?

* What is the emotional abuse cycle?

* Who is an emotional abuser?

“Becoming woke--#you’re not crazy!

part one