Gemini Season 2022 Horoscope!

For Gemini season we have Venus moving into Taurus, Mars moves into Aries and serious Saturn goes retrograde.

We also see the end of eclipse season, a new moon in Gemini, a super full moon in Sagittarius and finally the end of Mercury retrograde on June 3rd! 

Here’s your focus and what to watch out for during Gemini season by rising sign!



Enhanced/increased communication 

Increased technology use

New ideas

connecting with new people

Be sure to watch out for: mental overload, burnout, and car issues


Organizing your finances

Changes in resources or your self-esteem

Seeking comfort and pampering yourself

Pouring your energy into making money 

Watch out for: careless spending and overindulging


Improving your physical body

Reinventing and promoting yourself

Creating a fresh start 

Being more socially active

Watch out for: taking on too many responsibilities 


Getting rid of mental stress

Facing problems from your past

Tuning into your mental health

Watch out for: low energy and isolating yourself too much


Creative ideas

Defining your role within society

Socializing and meeting new people

Watch out for: anxiety and giving too much of yourself to others


Seeking better career opportunities 

More communication with managers 

Behaving more responsibly 

Getting a mentor

Watch out for: all work and no play 


Higher education




Large scale business transactions 

Watch out for: legal issues




Deep research 

Letting go

Shining a light on hidden issues— such as lies or deceit 

Be sure to Watch out for: issues around taxes, debts, or shared finances


1-on-1 relationships

Closing contracts 

Seeking partnership- including business partnerships

What you value in realtionships

Watch out for: relationship issues coming to the surface and reading the fine print on any contracts you have to sign


Redefining your daily routines 

Getting organized 

Making improvements to your health and diet

Watch out for: gossip, feeling unappreciated and being a workaholic


Romantic activity 

Getting more attention from others

Being more creative 

Having more fun and vacationing 

Watch out for: one night stands, hangovers and gambling more then you can afford


Your private home life and family


Selling real estate


Watch out for: arguments with family members and feelings of insecurity 

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