Cancer Season 2022 Horoscope!

Welcome to watery, love of home and community Cancer season!

This season we have a New Moon in Cancer on June 28th as well as dreamy Neptune going retrograde on the same day, and a super full moon in the sign of Capricorn on July 13th!

Here’s what you can expect and what to watch out for by rising sign:


Your focus is on moving, reconnecting with family, your innermost feelings and something big could be coming to an end.

Watch out for: feeling insecure and disagreement with family members 


You have a strong focus on being productive, more communication, meeting new people, more social media engagement and learning new skills 

Watch out for: burnout and gossip, and getting easily distracted 


Your focus will be on your money, income and expenses, additional source of income and your self esteem 

Watch out for: careless spending and basing your self worth on how much money you have or how you look


Your seasons focus is on new beginnings, improving your image, and being socially active

Watch out for: taking on too much or going overboard with dramatic changes to your appearance 


Your focus is on facing problems from your past, doing a spiritual, emotional, physical, purge or cleanse, your mental health, and meditation

Watch out for: overindulging in alcohol, and isolating yourself out of sadness


Cancer season brings your focus to your friendships, your long term goals, technology and social media 

Watch out for: toxic ex lovers coming back and anxiety


Your focus will be brought to career changes and advancement.  also your reputation, and your level of influence 

Watch out for: all work and no play


Your focus this season could be brought to long distance travel, publishing, or even going back to school

Watch out for: getting lost in your search for meaning in your life


Your focus is being brought to spirituality, psychological blocks you have within yourself, sexuality, uncovering deception, and outside financial support

Watch out for: being secretive and depression


Your focus is brought to your 1-on-1 relationships, relationship patterns, legal matters, and professional connections

Watch out for: demanding partners (romantic and business), enemies, and reading the fine print on any contracts you sign


Your focus will be on your health, diet, and wellness. As well as your daily routines and work life balance 

Watch out for: being a workaholic 


Your focus for Cancer season will be on having fun! Dating, vacation, parties, creativity, and meeting new people

Watch out for: one night stands, unexpected pregnancy, and lowering your standards 

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