Taurus Season 2022 horoscope!

Welcome to Taurus season!

Taurus season is packed with activity!

During Taurus season we will experience a Solar Eclipse in Taurus and Pluto going retrograde on April 30th, a super exciting (jk) Mercury retrograde in Gemini on May 10th, and a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th!

Check out your rising sign forecast below to see your major focus for Taurus season!

  • ARIES Rising:

How you spend your money, what you value, your self esteem, and how you acquire resources

  • TAURUS Rising:

Your social media persona, your appearance, your true essence, and bringing in new beginnings

  • GEMINI Rising:

Exploring your imagination, caring for your mental health, mediation and seclusion, uncovering secrets and hidden fears

  • CANCER Rising:

Groups you are involved with, what you want most from life, building and understanding your  friendships and acquaintances

  • LEO Rising:

Career advancement, your dream job, your reputation and status, your unique contribution to the world

  • VIRGO Rising:

Publishing, long distance travel, large scale business transactions, teaching, higher education

  • LIBRA Rising:

Intimacy, loans, taxes, your spouses money, transformational experiences, secrets, karma

  • SCORPIO Rising:

Life changing partnerships, what you lack most within yourself, relationship patterns, professional connections, legal matters, allies/enemies, 1-on-1 relationships

  • SAGITTARIUS  Rising:

Self care, employment, health, nutrition, work-life balance, helping others

  • CAPRICORN Rising:

Fun, dating, creative projects, children, love affairs, meeting new people, hobbies, vacation

  • AQUARIUS Rising:

Your innermost feelings, your private life, reconnecting to family, endings, real estate

  • PISCES Rising:

Connecting with new people, learning new skills, your mindset, your immediate environment

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