Aries Season 2022 horoscope!

Welcome to Aries season!

With all planets still direct there’s still so much positive forward momentum to bring healing and manifesting energies into your life!

Check out your rising sign forecast below to see your major focus for Aries season!

  • ARIES Rising:

New beginnings, your appearance, your physical body, your presence

  • TAURUS Rising:

Meditation, mental health, strengthening your intuition, exploring repressed parts of yourself, keeping a dream journal

  • GEMINI Rising:

Your social network, your goals and aspirations, friendships, ways you can help others

  • CANCER Rising:

Your level of influence, your career, your public image, ambition

  • LEO Rising:

your personal life philosophy, life lessons, intuition, publishing, mind expansion, travel

  • VIRGO Rising:

Spiritual development, secrets, outside financial support, taxes, sexuality, rebirth

  • LIBRA Rising:

Business partnerships, legal matters, long term partners, marriage, your shadow self

  • SCORPIO Rising:

Employment, the quality of your daily life, diet/nutrition, service to others, self care


Dating, pregnancy, projects, social gatherings, pleasure, creativity, sports

  • CAPRICORN Rising:

Your private life, family, endings, real estate, subconscious patterns

  • AQUARIUS Rising:

Your thought processes and mindset, how you communicate with others, local travel, siblings, technology

  • PISCES Rising:

Your material desires, inner talents, investments, sources of income, what you value

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