Your easy guide to win each day of the week according to the planets!

Did you know that each day of the week is directly related to the energy of a particular planet?

Even though the modern world may not completely align with the true energy of each day, incorporating these specific activities can help to ease some of the standard every stresses that may come up.

Check out the meaning behind each day of the week and what you can do to take advantage of each one!

Sunday (Sun):

Connecting to your inner self

Do activities that truly make you happy

Spend time outdoors

Recharge, rest, relax 

Connect with your loved ones


Monday (Moon):

Create a self care ritual 

Check in with yourself 

Engage in low effort/soothing activities 

Focus on resting, eating healthy, and increasing your water intake

Tune into your body and emotions through journaling and reflection

Set your goals for the week and show yourself compassion

Spend time alone and focus on you


Tuesday (Mars):

Focus on forward movement in your career

Execute on your goals for the week


Focus on passion projects 


Take action


Wednesday (Mercury):


Schedule important meetings, review contracts, throughly organize your day

Use your imagination and creative energies

Work on your most difficult issues

Follow up with others 

Set time to eat healthy and balanced meals


Thursday (Jupiter):

Be social

Express gratitude and embrace healing

Celebrate your accomplishments 

Set your financial goals

Learn something new

Schedule fun/adventurous activities

Focus on where you see most of your energy going and if adjustments are necessary.


Friday (Venus):

Spoil yourself

Create a self love ritual

Connect with kind and fun people

Embrace your creative energy

Focus on romance and intimacy

Express kindness and appreciation for others in your life


Saturday (Saturn):

Get organized—see where your life may need more structure

Work on large projects

Catch up on anything that is lingering

Clear your personal space of clutter

Release any negative emotions by working out

Be proactive—make plans and set goals for the upcoming week

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