Aquarius Season 2022 horoscope!

Welcome to Aquarius season!

The new year may feel as if it’s been off to somewhat of a slow start. This is because this season starts out with both Venus & Mercury in retrograde.

The good news: Starting on February 3rd you will start to feel some solid forward movement since we will have ALL PLANETS DIRECT until May 10th!

Check out your rising sign forecast below to see your major focus for Aquarius season!

ARIES Rising:

Your social network, humanitarian pursuits,  friendships, and hopes and dreams for your future

TAURUS Rising:

Your career, achievement, your level of influence, and reputation

GEMINI Rising:

Your search for meaning, life lessons, higher education, and travel

CANCER Rising:

Transformational experiences, financial support from others, secrets, and sex

LEO Rising:

Contracts and negotiation, business partnerships, understanding your shadow self, and 1-on-1 relationships

VIRGO Rising:

Your health, wellness, and diet, daily and work routines, service to others, and employment

LIBRA Rising:

Creative energy (this includes pregnancy & children), vacation, love affairs, projects, and sports


Your private life/home life, real estate, family, your innermost feelings, and endings


Your mindset, your immediate environment, communication, and local travel


Sources of income, material possessions, your self esteem, and your work ethic


Your physical appearance, new beginnings, and how you approach life

PISCES Rising:

Solitude, mental health, music/art, self sacrifice, and repressed parts of yourself

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