Chakras 101 Series (Part 4-HEART CHAKRA)

What are chakras and how will understanding them improve your life?

In this series, we are exploring the significance and power of the 7 major chakras, one at a time.

Everyone has chakras. Chakras represent different energy centers throughout our body. Each chakra are associated with specific colors and energies. Though there are separate chakras, all chakras work together to create a balance of energies that affect your everyday life on a mental, physical, and energetic level (your mind, body, and spirit).

Gaining an understanding of each chakra helps you to become attuned with yourself. This strengthens your inner voice and allows you to be able to recognize whether you are emotionally on or off track so that you can rebalance yourself and make adjustments as needed.

Spirituality and astrology are interrelated. This series will detail how they connect so that you can more easily understand and incorporate these elements into your life and experience the positive changes it can bring!

In part 4, we are diving into the 4th chakra called the HEART CHAKRA!

This is the fourth of the seven chakras and is located behind your heart.

This chakra is represented by the color GREEN and is connected to the MOON.


This chakra is connected to all things that represent your compassion, giving and receiving love, and healing.

Your HEART chakra needs to be nourished if you experience:

  • depression
  • codependency in relationships
  • being overly critical
  • self neglect
  • lack of compassion and empathy
  • chronic relationship failures
  • withdrawal from being in intimate relationships
  • jealousy
  • clinginess
  • burnout
  • pain in the chest
  • constantly putting others needs over your own

Your HEART chakra is kept balanced by:

  • Carrying stones and crystals such as: Selenite, Rhodonite, and Peach Moonstone
  • Eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Practicing deep breathing exercises
  • Incorporating live green plants in your personal space
  • Chanting the seed sound to activate this chakra: “YAM

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