Newbie astrology series (Part 6-MC):

Diving into the world of astrology is exciting but may seem overwhelming figuring out where to start.

This “newbie astrology series” serves to give you the basics to begin your astrology journey.

This one is a quick overview thats all about MIDHEAVEN SIGNS!

“Sooo, what do you do?”

Your midheaven also known as your MC, is the highest point of your birth chart representing “the height of your career” so to speak.

Let’s take a peek into what vocation you were born to make it big!

Aries MC:

Leadership and competition! You are not one to be told what to do so leading the way for others is the best route for you. Also, you can’t stand to be bored. Think management, public service role, or sports.

Taurus MC:

Stability and comfort! You enjoy creative energy, beauty, and making enough money to provide a comfy lifestyle for yourself. Think the arts, entertainment industry, or finance.

Gemini MC: 

Learning and sharing information! Communication is your jam. Constant activity and intellectual stimulation is of extreme importance. Multiple sources of income for your numerous interest is great for you. Think writer, public speaker, or sales.

Cancer MC:

Helping others and family! You are most drawn to a nurturing career and one you can be emotionally involved and protective. Think medical industry, culinary arts, law, or interior design.

Leo MC:

You enjoy the spotlight when it comes to your career and want to establish yourself as a guru! You want creative energy around you and to lead others. Think actor, radio host, managing director, or event planner.

Virgo MC: 

Being of service to others and having a sense of purpose! Your career should center around structure and organization. Think health care industry, scientist, or fitness trainer. 

Libra MC:

Bringing balance and beauty to the world! Your career must involve your natural skill of being able to see both sides of a situation. Helping to mediate and create harmony are important. Think judge, beauty/fashion industry, or graphic design.

Scorpio MC: 

The darker elements of life don’t really shake you! You enjoy diving deep and to protect. You excel in mysterious, secretive, and intense careers. Think armed forces, private investigator, or psychologist.

Sagittarius MC: 

Knowledge and travel! A career that feeds your mind brings a sense of adventure is best for you. Think athlete, professor, attorney, philanthropist, or pilot.

Capricorn MC:

Serious and sometimes overwhelming! You don’t shy away from hard work, in fact, you seek out these experiences in your career. Think CEO, politician, surgeon, or engineer.

Aquarius MC:

Innovative and eccentric! You want to leave your mark on the world in a major but unique way. Humanitarian at your core you are here to make a difference. Think entrepreneur, astrologer, tech, or activism.

Pisces MC: 

Making an impact behind the scenes! Your career has a spiritual and gentle appeal. It is important you are able to incorporate your intuition and creativity in your career. Think healing arts, dance, literature, and film.

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