Newbie astrology series (Part 5-moon signs):

Diving into the world of astrology is exciting but may seem overwhelming figuring out where to start.

This “newbie astrology series” serves to give you the basics to begin your astrology journey.

This one is a quick overview thats all about MOON SIGNS!

Your moon sign represents your emotional personality

When you are “in your feelings” what does that look like? What do you need to feel comfortable? What fulfills your emotional needs? All these questions are answered through understanding your moon sign.

aries moon:

Tough cookie: You are fiery with a quick fuse. It doesn’t take much to set you off, making you a bit rough around the edges. 

Since you don’t like to feel weak or afraid, you can be emotionally unpredictable. Waiting for permission is not on your agenda. 

Your passionate nature drives you to go after what you want most and you make no apologies for stepping on a few toes to get there.

taurus moon:

Your emotional drive is for coziness. This includes having a steady and calm routine. Something as simple as playing the same songs on repeat or being a regular at your favorite restaurant during the work week bring you a sense of ease. 

Your home environment must have a sense of ease and comfort including some lush green plants, fluffy blankets, and soft lighting.

Emotionally you are loyal and steady and you require the same in return. You know how to stick it out through thick and thin making it tough for you to let go of unhealthy relationships since change is not your favorite activity.

gemini moon:

busy bee: mental stimulation feeds you emotionally, as you are easily bored with routine and monotony.

Fun, lighthearted conversation brings you fulfillment and knowing that you are heard and understood, otherwise you will become restless and moody.

You enjoy learning new information, experimenting, and having your hand in multiple pots simultaneously.

cancer moon:

You are naturally nurturing and protective of those that you love. But you also have a habit of retreating when things get emotionally tough. This causes you to carry a lot of bitterness and hold grudges. 

This emotional retreat can cause you to hide away in your safe space and not come out nor express what caused you to retreat in the first place. This leads to you feeling misunderstood and unappreciated.

For you to feel nurtured emotionally, you must feel that you are being handled with care and gentleness. Otherwise, your claws will come out and your soft center will stay tucked away.

leo moon:

You enjoy showering those you love with gifts and you want to feel appreciated for all that you do when you are giving and helpful to others.

Having a group around you where you can be playful is most emotionally fulfilling for you. 

While being ignored is the #1 way to hurt you. You won’t necessarily show your pain though. Arrogance may seep through as your defense mechanism to guard your heart. You feel most nurtured when you feel special.

virgo moon:

Knowing that you are being helpful to others and improving upon yourself brings you great emotional fulfillment.

The constant emphasis of your desire to feel needed and of service to others can cause some pretty intense emotions. One being too hard on yourself and the other, always expecting perfection. 

Taking time to relax from the amount of pressure you place on yourself is helpful for you to achieve a balanced emotional center.

libra moon:

Having a sense of balance in your everyday life makes you feel amazing. Knowing that you have someone to go to and share your life with brings you great happiness.

Since you are not the biggest fan of conflict, you may resort to bending the truth in an attempt to please both sides. 

Having beautiful and peaceful surroundings eases you and allows you to explore your creativity.

scorpio moon:

For your emotional fulfillment you must have rawness and privacy. To allow the intense level of depth and passion you possess to come out, you have to feel that you can truly trust someone.

Trust for you involves honesty. You want nothing held back. No matter how uncomfortable or dark, you want to feel it all. Being lied to is one of the worst things someone can do to you. 

When you commit your emotions towards something, you do so with everything in you and that is not something that you take lightly whatsoever.

sagittarius moon:

Exploring and learning fulfill you. You have a strong desire for a variety of experiences. Your occasional overconfidence can push people away without you realizing it.

Your love of exploration allows you to avoid intense emotions that you don’t want to experience. To accomplish this you have a tendency to try to shut others down by being a know-it-all. 

Overall, in-depth conversations and the freedom to move about as you please keeps you in your happy place.

capricorn moon:

Feeling respected and successful is what gets you going. You are all about action and getting things done. You are quite independent with a strong dislike of feeling weak or vulnerable.

Emotionally you have a more serious tone preferring self-sufficiency over soft bubbly emotions.

Even when you are actually in need of some affection, you present a pulled together more stoic persona.

aquarius moon:

Freedom to be exactly who you are and to feel exactly how you want to feel is what soothes you.

Because of your strong urge for independence, you tend to develop the reputation of being detached from your emotions.

Those that allow you to showcase what makes you unique and are equally focused on their own individuality helps you to thrive.

pisces moon:

Emotions are everything to you. When you are in the vibration of giving and receiving kindness you are in your zone.

At your best, you are compassionate and warm and enjoy being able to bring positive energy into someone else’s life.

Your intuition is super strong so it can be draining for you when you are around too many negative vibes. Making time for self care is super important for you since you tend to take on so much each day.

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