Newbie astrology series (Part 4-ASC):

Diving into the world of astrology is exciting but may seem overwhelming figuring out where to start.

This “newbie astrology series” serves to give you the basics to begin your astrology journey.

This one is a quick overview thats all about RISING SIGNS!

Your ascendant also known as your rising sign, is the sign that was “rising in the sky” at the time of your birth. This sign could be the same as your sun sign but its most likely different. 

Your rising sign shows another layer of your personality.

This is your “first impression” sign

The vibe you give off to others. What you lead with when you walk into the room…

Fun fact: Since horoscopes are based upon the sun being in your 1st house, your rising sign is actually the sign that you should be reading whenever you look at your horoscope, not your sun sign (unless your rising and sun sign are the same!) this misunderstanding is why so many people think their horoscopes aren’t accurate— they are reading the wrong sign!

aries rising:

You lead with being direct and independent. Thriving on competition, you can be impulsive and want immediate gratification.

It can be tough for you to process negative emotions, making athletics the perfect playing field for you to release pent up energy. 

taurus rising:

You present as someone who is reliable and grounded. So rapid change and being rushed is a huge pet peeve of yours. 

Feeling cozy is of supreme importance to you, so to keep up with your love of luxury, you do what you need to do to ensure you maintain stability in your life. 

gemini rising:

Sparking up a conversation and being social is your jam! You come off as the witty and funny friend who’s always on the go and multitasking.

Your restless energy can leave you a bit scattered since you like to keep a long to-do list and stay busy. This can lead to your infamous rep for being flaky.

cancer rising:

You come off as someone who is very private and introverted, so being in familiar surroundings makes you happiest. 

Though you can be moody, you have a soft and loving center, so it is easy for you to take things quite personally. This causes you to retreat into your shell or even attack if you feel threatened enough.

leo rising:

Being seen and heard is vital to you. You command attention wherever you go and can take it as a personal slight if you receive anything less than constant praise. 

Your outgoing and charismatic energy can sometimes be seen as dominating and self centered, but little does everyone know, you are one of the most generous signs out there!

virgo rising:

Step into your house and everything will be neat and tidy. You are an organized perfectionist. This makes you super critical of not only yourself but everyone else.

You love to help others and your level of discipline is remarkable. Constantly striving for self improvement occupies much of your time. 

libra rising:

Well dressed, you take pride in the way that you present yourself, always incorporating your own creative twists. 

Being single is one of your least favorite status updates since being part of a twosome makes you feel most complete. 

scorpio rising:

Intensity is always oozing out of you. You show how confident you are in the powerful aura that you exude. 

Digging below the surface and getting to the raw center keeps you energized. You value your privacy and keep your thoughts under lock and key.

sagittarius rising:

Studious and growth oriented, you crave adventure.  You tend to be open minded and sure of yourself, but when off balance you can come off quite blunt and a bit unorganized. 

It’s important for you to have a sense of purpose and direction. This gives you an overall uplifting and optimistic outlook. 

capricorn rising:

You come off as someone who wants to be respected, so this drives your ambitious nature. 

Your are laser focused on your goals and achieving success. You do not take failures lightly and will set your already high expectations that much higher to ensure your desired outcome.

aquarius rising:

You are all for everything innovative and quirky and you proudly showcase your uniqueness as a badge of honor. 

You have high hopes for humanity and want to have a hand in making the world a better place. But you tend to be emotionally disconnected and require a substantial amount of space and freedom to do your thing. 

pisces rising:

You present an easy going vibe. You have the ability to seamlessly shape shift in any environment, taking on many different personas depending upon where you are. 

Since you tend to be so accommodating to others you are also easily drained. So when you want to be left alone, that’s that!

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