Newbie astrology series (Part 3-houses):

Diving into the world of astrology is exciting but may seem overwhelming figuring out where to start.

This “newbie astrology series” serves to give you the basics to begin your astrology journey.

This one is a quick overview thats all about HOUSES!

In astrology there are 12 houses.

Each house represents specific categories of life.

Below are some brief descriptions of each to get you started in developing your understanding of them.

1st house:  natural disposition, first impression, appearance 

2nd house: earning power, self worth, what you value

3rd house: local environment, siblings, all forms of communication

4th house: early home life, parents, private life

5th house: pleasure, children, romance

6th house: work environment, health/diet, daily routine 

7th house: marriage/business partnerships, contracts, your spouse 

8th house: sex, taxes, rebirth/death

9th house: higher learning, long distance travel, philosophy

10th house: career, recognition, influence/reputation

11th house: friendships, humanitarian interests, wishes

12th house: secrets, subconscious mind, inner strengths/weaknesses

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