Newbie astrology series (Part 2-signs):

Diving into the world of astrology is exciting but may seem overwhelming figuring out where to start.

This “newbie astrology series” serves to give you the basics to begin your astrology journey.

This one is a quick overview thats all about SIGNS!

Each zodiac sign has its own personality!

Having an understanding of the persona of each sign is another great step to building the foundation for your understanding of astrology.

Aries (active):  independent, quick tempered, courageous, domineering

Taurus (dependable): comfort oriented, conservative, materialistic

Gemini (clever): communicative, restless, adaptable 

Cancer (sympathetic): cautious, sensitive, protective

Leo (creative): ambitious, boastful, generous 

Virgo (methodical): critical, disciplined, studious 

Libra (diplomatic): artistic, indulgent, indecisive

Scorpio (intense): secretive, passionate, fearless 

Sagittarius (intellectual): independent, optimistic, argumentative

Capricorn (traditional): hardworking, domineering, reliable 

Aquarius (unique): unpredictable, innovative, impersonal 

Pisces (intuitive): compassionate, emotional, sacrificing 

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