Your guide to navigate the personal planet retrogrades!

“Personal planets” are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

Technically, the Sun and Moon are called luminaries not planets, but they do not have retrograde cycles. The personal planets are closest to the sun and move the fastest. This makes their energy felt more at a personal level such as your day-to-day activities and things that can make an immediate impact in your life.

What happens when a planet goes retrograde? The easiest way to remember it is, instead of a planets rotation moving forward, when it is retrograde, the energy of that planet is now moving backwards. When this happens, everything that planet represents slows down and its energy weakens creating a space for us to go inward. Another way to think about a retrograde is the “RE” of retrograde. Such as revise, review, redo, rethink, relax, retreat, repair… This is why the best way to approach personal planet retrogrades are to slow down and avoid major decisions and activities.

Here you will learn what not to do, what to expect, and what you should be doing during each of the personal planet retrogrades.

Below you will find your quick guide to how best to move through Mercury, Venus, and Mars retrogrades like a pro!

Mercury Retrograde:

Rules all forms of communication, contracts, electronics, your immediate surroundings, thought processes, and travel. Since Mercury rules communication, its effects seem to hit a little harder since the modern world (the business world and our personal lives) mostly revolves around communication and technology. Hence the popularity of the the infamous Mercury retrograde.


Make verbal agreements or sign contracts of any kind

Make big, expensive purchases (car, house, electronics)

Launch or start something completely new (relationship, project, business)

Get married or engaged

Have elective surgery




Car accidents (aggressive and reckless driving)

Excessive traffic

Electronic glitches

Being late

Losing items

Ex’s popping back up (this includes friends too)

Old debts resurfacing


Wrap up anything that is unfinished

Read and reread everything before clicking send

Clear clutter

Plan, visualize, and brainstorm 

Be flexible to unanticipated changes

Drive slower

Connect to your intuition 

Postpone major decisions 







Mars Retrograde:

Represents passion and power, drive, anger, action, and even sex.

To give you an idea of the strengthen of this planet, Mars is home to the tallest mountain in our solar system even though it is the 2nd smallest planet.


Launch or start any new projects

Elective surgery

Purchase electronics (large or small) this includes: cell phones, computers, and cars

Start legal proceedings

Set life goals

Overexert your mind and body

Don’t launch a new product or service, don’t open the doors of your new business 

Get married 


Repressed anger resurfacing


Reckless drivers/driving

Becoming easily irritated

Taking unnecessary risk

Impulsive actions

Bumps, bruises, cuts, and burns


Make time to relax and engage in soothing activities

Create plans for your future and reassess your goals–but do not execute

Cultivate relationships that are calming and make you feel good

Venus Retrograde:

Rules beauty, love, and money.

Venus is a feminine planet that features extremely high temperatures and is the brightest planet in our solar system. Because of this, it is best to approach Venus retrograde with caution and be gentle.


Start legal proceedings

Sign any contracts (lease agreements, car purchase)

Launch or start any new projects

Get cosmetic surgery or beauty procedures

Start dating someone new

Get married, engaged, or set your wedding date

Try new beauty treatments or cosmetics

Purchase expensive luxury items


Ex’s popping back up

Skin breakouts and sensitivities 

Spending money frivolously


Reassess your values and what makes you feel loved

Focus on gentle self care

Create a budget or savings plan

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