Want to know your current vibe? Find out what your personal year number is!

Knowing your personal year number is a powerful way to better maneuver your life. Your personal year lets you know the style or theme of that particular year.

To calculate your Personal Year number, first add all the numbers of the current year:

Example: 2021 (2+0+2+1= 5)

Next, add all the numbers from your Birthday plus your Birth month and reduce to a single digit

Example: August 22 (8 + 2+ 2= 12 1+2=3)

Finally add the current year number plus your reduced birthday number

Example: 5 + 3= 8

2021 is an 8 personal year for this person.

Personal year 1: 

This is a year to focus on YOU! This year is all about new beginnings, taking action, and self development. Dream big and happily step into the start of your brand new life chapter.

Personal year 2: 

This is a year that can attracts love, harmony, spiritual development, learning, and partnership. With any activities this year, take your time and read the fine print. Get into the habit of being gentle with your body and nourishing yourself.

Personal year 3: 

This year brings socializing and fun! This is a year of constant activity, networking, and creative energy. If you can, remember to make time to rest and try not to overindulge and splurge too much.

Personal year 4: 

This is a year of hard work, heightened responsibilities, and creating stability. You may feel like you are having to prove yourself more while organizing what goals and areas of your life require the majority of your attention. Pay close attention to your health.

Personal year 5: 

This is a year of changes, the unpredictable, and the unexpected. You may be more emotional this year as you began to gain a clear understanding of exactly what you want out of life. Try not to be too attached to a certain outcome this year and remain flexible in all your dealings.

Personal year 6: 

This is a gentle year focused on your home, family, and relationships. Your mind is on the desires of your heart and your intimate life. This year is about you organizing and prioritizing and making space for all that is important and feeds your spirit.

Personal year 7: 

This is your year to go deep and inward. This is the year of shadow work; excellent for healing, meditation, and establishing your spiritual routine. You will crave your time alone and it is important that you listen to your inner self for what you need to improve so that you can transform life. 

Personal year 8: 

This year is all about the money, focus, and success. This is a time of business launches, investing in yourself, and seeing your dreams manifest. Big changes come this year connected to your career. Expect your network to expand and be ready to step into the spotlight.

Personal year 9: 

This is a year of completion and letting go. Take the time this year to express gratitude, give back, and enjoy all that you have overcome and accomplished over the past several years. Anything or anyone who does not bring positivity into your life will see their way out this year so that you can be ready for the upcoming new beginning starting back at personal year 1 again.

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