This discovery came as a result of my own deep pain caused by enduring a long term emotionally abusive relationship.

Experiencing this painful relationship introduced me to astrology and spirituality and has led me to my purpose and achieving happiness.

The universe revealed itself to me so that I could heal and help others. I am honored to serve as your guide to embracing the design of your life set in the stars!

The birth of sugarpath began in 2015, when I discovered the amazing power of the universe!

I'm a Leo sun, Pisces moon, and Taurus rising!

I’m an astrologer & women’s spiritual wellness coach with an emphasis on healing from emotional abuse, gaining a clear understanding of who you truly are through astrology, and giving you the tools to heal and manifest with spirituality.

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Ashley, Atlanta, Georgia

"My reading was very insightful! I was reaffirmed about things I already knew about myself and learned information I was not aware of. She was very thorough, professional and willing to answer any and all questions. She made me feel comfortable. I had a great experience. I have already started to implement some of the next steps based on our session." 

Jendayi M. , Washington, DC

Bayleigh is open and honest in her sessions, always ready to give as well as receive feedback from her clients. She is completely collaborative and full of ideas for how you can live in alignment with your chart. I have experienced more focus, better confidence, and less anxious days by incorporating Bayleigh’s insight into my daily routines and ways of being. She’s a gifted astrologer and I’ll be following sugarpath for years to come. 

W. Williams, Washington, DC

What a beautiful person is Bayleigh, both inside and out. My session with Bayleigh was first brought on by skepticism, but once completed I was in awe. Ms. Varnel read my birth chart which the characteristics and things she stated about me and my personality were spot on. She is the real deal and her professionalism was exceptional. She definitely put things in perspective for me.

Deborah, Virginia Beach

Bayleigh is an incredibly talented astrologer. She provided me with an EXTREMELY detailed reading of my chart. There are so many ways to interpret an astrology chart, and she had the intuition and insight to highlight exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. I felt affirmed in both what I've been through, and where I'm going. I highly recommend her!

Jaqui, Washington DC

Thank you so so much for my reading! I was not prepared and it was everything! I enjoyed it so much and am still letting it soak in!
For my actual reading, I would score 10/10. I liked that you delivered and shared the details of what was being read and that you gave directions for me AFTER the reading. You are awesome - this is awesome!

Tangee P., Atlanta, Ga

Our session took my birth chart reading to the next level. I was really excited about having actionable steps to create change and manifest what I want in my life. I can feel the shifts I’ve been asking for. I’m more confident, bold, and being more fluid in my choices.  I’m really evolving and I’m so grateful for your guidance.

Tami, ohio

My birth chart reading was very detailed and insightful. Bayleigh is patient with her explanation of the chart and what everything means. She also provided me with a detailed summary at the very end, which I am using as a guide. I highly recommend working with her!

I have read over 400 birth charts!

with Over 7 years of experience as an astrologer,